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Empire Books

Shipping & Returns

Let me preface this by stating that I am a one man operation that has another full time job. This can sometimes delay shipments a few days. On the other hand I know all about these books and have read many and have been a long time member of the Napoleonic society. 

When I ship I generally ship US Mail. The shipping charges should be very close to the actual charge.   In general the books are not shipped insured and the risk is yours though in 35 years I've never seen a shipment not reach its destination and only once was a book damaged badly.

I will generally charge a flat $6 per shipment unless the books are over weight.

Return & Exchange Policy

We do not accept returns. I know this may seem harsh but the books are clearly described as to their condition.  If I sent the wrong book or you come up with a really good reason I would at consider it. Or if you pay a 20% restocking fee and send it back within a week of purchase that would be acceptable.

Shipping Policy

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